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Collective Conversation

"Collective Conversation" Part 1- Interviews

Collective Conversation

Collective Conversation Part 2. Installation


"Absence" Interactive installation


"Memorial" Interactive installation

Life and death of the image

"Death and life of the image" Performance and new media

Unisensorial suit

"Unisensorial suit" Art project and publication

Creative Jam Session

Creative Jam Session Curatorial Project

Harbinger II: Subtle Collisions

Harbinger II: Subtle Collisions Curatorial Project

Weekend at Charlie's

Weekend at Charlie's Curatorial Project



Mónica Ruiz Loyola works from the memory and stories of spaces and people that build our everyday experience, trying to understand how the objects, sounds and images are traces of the time. From the collection of those traces she created situations where the objects take the role of storytellers.

For her, objects are memory activators and the fact of remembering an event thanks to them is like an automatic mechanism. This mechanical fact is translated into installations where objects come to life or are activated in a certain way. They are the main storytellers.

Her work uses different media such as video, sound, found objects, installation and digital media. To these media she adds procedures like fieldwork, interviews and searching for historical events in specific places or territories. This helps her understand the construction of collective memory and thus be able to create installations. For her, the installation generates a space for immersion but also a space to think and produce emotions.


Ruiz Loyola holds a degree in Visual Arts from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Master in Digital Arts from the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and a Postgraduate in Curatorial Studies in Contemporary Art, KASK & Conservatorium /School of Arts Ghent, Belgium.

From 2008 to 2013, she organized and managed workshops and conferences related to Art and Technology in Mexico city. Inviting national and international artists in different cultural centers such as Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico, Center for Digital Culture, ExTeresa Arte Actual, Border Center and the San Francisco de Quito Ecuador University.

Her work has been exhibited in contemporary art spaces such as: Centro EX-TERESA (Mexico city), Espai d’Arts de Roca Umbert (Spain), Casa Vecina (Mexico city), TPK Art i Pensament Contemporani (Barcelona), La libertad Gallery (Querétaro, México), Contemporary Art Center (Quito, Ecuador), Lviv International festival of visual art (Ucrania), Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (Grand Rapids, USA). She has also participated in light festival such as: Lichtfestival (Ghent, Belgium), Filux (Mexico),TAVA. Radical Light (Tartu, Estonia) and Lux Helsinki (Finland).



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