Absence (interactive installation) 

Mexico has been seriously affected by the problem of feminicides, as is the case of the women killed in Ciudad Juárez. I used a sewing machine because in Ciudad Juárez, a lot of the women who are murdered, work in “maquiladoras”. Absence is a tribute to all women brutally murdered or those who are still missing. The strong part of this piece is a beautiful poem by Rocío Cerón who wrote it especially for this installation 


I usually work with Eduardo Jiménez, who is an artist and composer as well. At his home studio in México City, he wrote and produced a simple music score with conventional software and instruments. In the Absence presentations, he used these files as a multitrack section on a custom software built in Max/MSP to modify the pitch, granularity, spacialization, everything mixed with sewing machine micro samples and generative patterns. The piece does not have a start or an end, it is an infinite generative system.

The installation has been seen in: 

2014 Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts. Granollers, Barcelona

2015 Light festival in Ghent, Belgium 

2015 Filux, Light festival in Mexico 

2016 gallery “La Libertad” in Querétaro, México. 

2017 Lux Helsinki, Finland.

2018 Radical Light, Tartu, Estonia.


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