The photo frames, in which our parents and grandparents placed their beautiful photos because they are of great value to them and they want to remember that moment forever. I call those frames "memory activating objects".


Nowadays, we store our memories or images in a different way than before, namely on our computer, smartphone, or hard drive. This excludes that memory-activating object.


“Memorial” is an installation in which I build a space that takes us back to a cozy living room. In this space, we can wander through memories with the help of photos and a system of a two-dimensional barcode (QR codes). That way I reflect on all the changes that technology has brought.


In this version, I made my own living room with pictures of my family. I selected all the photos from my childhood where the viewer could discover self-portrait videos by using the app to read the QR codes. The self-portrait was something more intimate that the viewer could view via his smartphone.

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