My installation “Memorial” reflects on the aforesaid taking into account frames, collected pictures in antique markets and found footage from home videos.

Beginning by building a space that takes us to a cozy home living room, we can wander around these memories through pictures and a system that engraves information in a dot matric or two-dimensional bar code. This kind of encryption is commonly used in advertising, it can also be found in different areas and applications, referring myself to QR Codes (Quick Response Code).

In that way, I expect that this variety of activator objects of memory harmonize in a reading space for itself, so the spectator can feel identified with those remembrances and objects. As well as gradually discovering home videos virtually stored that guide them to a reflection among the coexistence of the analogue and the virtual realms.

Each picture frame with a QR Code has a video counterpart, at the same time, containing the same frame but in a virtual way. Therefore, while going through the installation, you can find some pictures and QR codes that can be interpreted with a mobile device application, enabling the reading and display of the video. 

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