Creative Jam Session


In the context of the Tumultingent #7 Festival, we organized a Creative Jam Session at De Krook library in Ghent. Taking as starting point the jam sessions – impro events by musicians who had never played together before - Marie Borremans (writer), Dj Dejade (musician), and Hanna Van Dun (illustrator) were gathered together for the first time. During one hour, each artist improvised in front of the public in his/her artistic field. They were challenged to complement the other artists’ work.


The audience was witnessing this open-ended process driven by the combined creativity of the performers. Dj Dejade mixed music that provided rhythm to the story written by Marie.


The writer Marie Borremans while she was getting inspiration with books, used online google translate to communicate her story to the public in different languages.

Hanna van Dun who was following the story and illustrating it directly created more than ten drawings that were given to the public as a souvenir and a trace of this event.


Artists: Marie Borremans, Hanna Van Dun, Dj Dejade

Curators: Gabriela Torres Freyermuth, Mobina Mohammadi Tabar and Monica Ruiz Loyola

Creative Jam Session
Creative Jam Session
Drawing during the Jam Session
Drawing during the Jam Session

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