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Collectieve Conversatie

Collaboration: Jeroen Van Caneghem - Interviews


Between city, port, and hinterland, in the vicinity of the iconic Langerbrugge electricity plant, the layered art-project KONNEKTOR has its ground. KONNEKTOR started off with summer residencies in 2020. 13 artists relied on the local history, the social fabric, and the eclectic landscape ecology for their research and projects.

For Langerbrugge, the start of the power plant was not only the start of the industrial revolution but also of everything that this revolution implies, such as population expansion, for example. As a result of this growth, there were relevant socio-spatial changes and dynamics that manifested as the creation of the Tuinwijck, a velodrome, a casino, a canteen, and many cafes.

As one of the artists in residence at Konnektor I developed the proposal Collective Conversation which consisted of asking residents for stories through meaningful objects for them: family photos and objects that show their personal relationship with Langerbrugge / Kerkbrugge and the power plant. In this way, the private individual thus becomes collective, these images can be of anyone, as a social habitus is shared, a common history. The result will be an installation where you can find all those photos, objects that people shared with me.

Note: To know more about the installation see Part 2 - Collective Conversation.

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Elsa De Meyer
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